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Mixed type epoxy curing polyes...
Mixed type epoxy curing polyes...
Mixed type epoxy curing polyes...
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HAA curing polyester resin ...
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TGIC curing polyester resin...
HAA curing polyester resin...
Mixed type epoxy curing polyester resin(70:30)
Resin model Acid value Viscosity   Tg℃ Curing condition   Characteristics
(mgkoh/g) (pa.s/200℃) (Whole curing time)
YL7030 30-38 4.0-5.0 55 180℃/15min high gloss, fine levelling property, mechanical property
Product storage and introduction
Package and storage:
1.All our products are packaged with 25kg woven bag or paper-plastic bag;
2.Please store in ventilated and dry place under temperature lower than 30℃, avoid rainfall and under blazing sun;
Quality guarantee period
One year
Application introduction:
1.Our company provides special formula according to customer requirements;
2.All our products have passed strict testing in our factory;
3.For technical service, please contact with us.

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